Monday, February 15, 2010

What Does Messing Around Mean What Does "messing Around" Mean?

What does "messing around" mean? - what does messing around mean

English is my 2nd Language and I'm new here, you could tell me what exactly mean "Messing Around"? between a man and a woman may mean they have sex? or less than that? What?


just google it said...

r, that means sex.

John said...

It is a generic term for something intimate to describe. The degree of intimacy actually depends on the person as a "stick" to mean not only the hands or hugging, while another person can be an orgy the night have been.

I think for most people to use, however, it then kissing and heavy petting but not intercourse.

Passionb... said...

For each person something else. You should ask the person to be clarified. CUS, when I say that I only change to his plans, because there is no sex. But my uncle said that they had sex when she said. So you just need to delete the.

octoberl... said...

Sex may mean absolutely yes, and it could also mean to each other in order to always know more about the other, something else to speak form.

what u talkin' bout said...

Or to have sex or not is the knowledge of seeing someone behind your spouse or boyfriend / girlfriend.

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